Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tot Time

This morning, Jackson and his best buddy, Ben, went to Tot Time at the Sportsplex in Winchester.  This "free for all" for little ones happens only twice a month, so this is the very first time that it has fit into our schedule since I realized that it existed.  Jax had an absolute blast ... so, I think we may patronize again tomorrow.  It was such a wonderful way to let the boys safely wonder around on a huge turf area and play with kids their own age.  It was also a great way to ensure a good afternoon nap!

Our Taco amazed everyone toward the end when he picked up this tennis ball, placed it on the "T," then picked up the baseball bat, and hit the ball.  Humm ... Mommy likes the thought of him being a baseball player!  Seems much less dangerous than football ... haha!  We shall see.

Our Tot Time was followed by a quick lunch at Chickfila with Ben and his mommy, Katie.  The boys were fading fast ... but we still managed to eat and chat a little bit before the total meltdowns began.  Sure enough, Jax was fast asleep before we even pulling into our garage.  What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday morning with friends!

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Mom said...

Just precious.....they looked like they enjoyed that sooo much....Loved the pics...