Saturday, December 10, 2011

Longhorn. Longwait.

Today Justin and I thought we'd go out for a nice Saturday lunch. However, after waiting 1 hr. 15 mins. for sandwiches, we decided to say something. You know it's not a good sign when a five top ... who arrived 45 mins after you ... and all ordered steaks ... gets their food before you. Jackson's lunch consisted of a loaf of bread ... as did ours before we left and went to McDonalds drive thru. Thank you Mr. Manager for the free entrees for next time.

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Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

Ugh, never fun to wait on food with a little kiddo, but... yay for free food next time!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jen. So good to hear from you! I love to check out your blog and see what your family is up to. Your photography is really loving fabulous; way to go! I need a few lessons myself, especially if I stay serious about this bloggin' thing! I'm looking forward to more inspiration from you. :-)