Thursday, December 22, 2011

Double Trouble

Today I had my 20-week, level two ultrasound, and it looks like it's going to be double trouble!

It's another BOY!!!

Now that we know the gender of Baby Heath #2 (who can now be safely referred to as Oliver Cage Heath) ... I can admit how very much I wanted him to be another boy.  For as long as I have been dreaming of a big family of my own, I have always described my "perfect family" as having three boys, so we are well on our way!  Now ... I just have to convince Justin that "two is not enough."  Wish me luck on that one!  But, in truth, Justin and I both were longing to have another boy this time around.  Apart from just loving baby boys (and mischievous toddler boys) ... it was just logistically so. much. easier.  Think about it:  Jackson was born May 5th, 2010 ... and my due date is May 11th, 2012.  So, these two boys will be going through the seasons at practically identical times.  That translates to a lot less clothes to buy!  Also, Jackson will probably be more likely to enjoy playing with the same toys and interacting in the same way with another boy!  I think Jax would be very happy we are having another boy too ... if he only knew what was going on in the first place.  Ha!

Something I don't get:  why almost everyone who knew I was pregnant this time around (even strangers who scoped out my belly) said:  "I hope you have a girl!"  I guess that's just the common perception: that most people ideally want one child of each gender ... then they can announce they are "done" and "complete."  Not the case here!  We are just ecstatic to be having another little fella!

And, for those medical professionals out there who are wondering: we feel incredibly blessed to announce that all of Oliver's (I love saying that) anatomy looked healthy today!  He weighs an estimated 11 ounces ... and seems to be measuring very slightly ahead of dates.  I am 19 weeks, 6 days pregnant ... and he measured 21 weeks gestation.  That's not really a huge surprise to me ... as my doctor originally moved my due date back one week from where it feel according to my cycle.  We are keeping my due date at May 11th, 2012 ... but I would not be shocked it he arrives a wee bit early.  Please continue to pray for Oliver and I as we continue the journey of this pregnancy.

And ... because our sonographer was nice enough to turn her machine on "4D" for a moment ...

He looks a little skinny because it is earlier that when most 4D images are seen ... but it's still neat to see his little face.

We love you, Oliver!  And we can't wait to meet you!

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Mom said...

AWWWWWW.....Love it....already in love with the fella...Love you...