Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zing. Zang. Zoom.

This weekend marked another priceless "Roanoke Weekend" complete with visiting family, antique shopping, catching up with my friend Lauren, a date with Justin, and . . . taking Jackson to his very first CIRCUS!

Zing.  Zang.  Zoom.

The Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus was in town, so we decided to make the trip down to attend -- not that we ever really need an excuse to travel to Roanoke.

Jackson was very excited when we pulled into the Roanoke Civic Center parking lot, and he saw all the people coming and going.

And before the show even began, he got his very first tattoo!

And saw a beautiful 41-year-old elephant who weighed 7,500 pounds!

We waited for the show to start . . .

With our snacks and souvenirs.

And soon . . . it was time!

For "The Greatest Show on Earth."




It was like nothing Jackson had ever seen before, and he was mesmerized.

And we didn't have a bad time either!

You're never too old to enjoy the CIRCUS!

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