Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unicorn Festival

I'm going to host a "Unicorn Festival" next year.

On Friday, we went to a "Hot Air Balloon Festival" and we saw exactly zero hot air balloons.  My mom had called days earlier, and she was told there would be around 75 balloons there.

Nope.  Zero.

So, the way I see it . . . I should host this "Unicorn Festival" at our house and charge $5.00 admission because if you don't have to actually produce what's promised, there's really nothing to lose.  Wouldn't you agree?

Nevertheless . . . although a bit disappointing . . . we still had a really nice time.  The afternoon weather was lovely, and there was good food, music, and wine.  Besides, the mountains around here really are beautiful, and we stood in their heart for a few hours.

Jackson was digging some pig skins.

And Justin, some wine.

And while the sun set sans balloons, it was still a sight to see . . .

In fact, I think I spotted a silvery-white unicorn slip off into the distance just over the horizon.

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