Sunday, August 28, 2011

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Tonight we stopped by Da-Da's Ice Cream, thinking we would just enjoy a quick cone.

However, I was thrilled that my phone has a pretty good camera . . . because, upon turning into the parking lot, this is what we saw:

I was fascinated when I just thought "Miss Casey" was sitting in a chair . . . but her pink bejeweled sunglasses took it over the top!

Then, she actually ate her own bowl of ice cream--atop the table--sitting in said chair.  And, when she was finished, she hopped down from her perch, picked up her own leash in her teeth, and walked to the car.


According to her owners, she's on about 4,000 cellphone cameras.  Mine is included.

Then, the delightful owner of Da-Da's offered Jax his own "baby cone" of vanilla yogurt.  As I'm sure you already figured, he was much obliged.  It was special for Mommy and Daddy to see as well, because after he is casted for his scoliosis, he won't be able to enjoy ice cream in this way anymore--too messy.  So, naturally, we let him go all out!

Dogs?  Check!
Babies?  Check!
Clearly, we all scream for ice cream!

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George said...

I love these pictures of Jackson.