Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Kind of Busy

The last couple of days around here have been pleasantly busy . . . 
Nothing extraordinary--just plain fun.

Yesterday, we attended the Clarke County Fair.  It was quite a different experience from the Salem Fair where I grew up.  Sure, there were rides and cotton candy at this one--but there were also tons of unexpected (at least by me) livestock competitions as well as a demolition derby.

And, to top it off, my mom drove . . . and we forgot to transfer Jackson's "good stroller" into her car.  So, we arrived with this $10 (literally, and you get what you pay for) stroller.  Just picture us dragging this through the gravel and, at times, the muddy fields of Clarke County.  Basically, Jax was able to experience the demolition derby rumble without even so much as stepping on a gas pedal.  Nevertheless, he was a good sport about the whole ordeal.

And if you've ever attend the Salem Fair, you'll note that you usually never see this type of sign announcing an attraction.

In my opinion, this was the prettiest animal at the fair.  Isn't she beautiful?  Unfortunately, her exhibit was labeled "Poultry"-- I hope she's not "what's for dinner."

This was mom's favorite.

The very best part of our evening--and totally worth my $7 entrance fee--was that we were able to watch a chick hatch from its egg.


We walked over the the incubator just as she finished cracking the circumference of her egg with the tiny beak--then, within minutes, she unfurled her little self and plopped out of her egg.  Lately, I've been feeling a lot like "the bird whisperer."  Or, at very least, an inexperienced birdy-OBGYN.

But, it truly was incredible.

We really are in rural Virginia, now!

Yet . . .
we're still oh-so-close to the "big city" -- and NOVA.
Today, we went to Fair Oaks Mall to kill time after my dental appointment.  Jackson just loves to play in the children's area at this awesome mall.  I snapped a few photographs that I thought you might enjoy.  And, besides getting slapped in the face by a chubby kid, he had a blast!

And, the best part about today's adventures?  I ran into a dear, dear friend of mine from a past job--and received a much-overdue hug!  It was so great catching up with her.  And . . . we ended the busy day with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with my friend Nathalie and her beautiful daughter, Aubree.

I don't mind being this kind of busy.

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Mom said...

It was a wonderful time at the fair, and at the mall...I always enjoy being with you and Jackson...Love you....