Friday, July 22, 2011


~Jackson, on the birds

Yes, wow!
Remember Hugo and Victoria, the baby robins from the little tree in our front yard?

Well, it turns out there were actually three babies ... the egg that I thought did not hatch ... actually just hatched a day later.  So, Hugo and Victoria were actually Hugo, Victoria, and Miracle.  The third bird, Miracle, is so named because we have saved her life twice.  Three days ago, she fell out of the nest and way lying in the sun on our asphalt driveway.  Luckily, I arrived home shortly after she must have fallen.  She was panting, but still alive.  So, I scooped her up between two paper towels and returned her to the nest, hoping the mother robin would not abandon the three nestlings.  Mommy Robin returned to the nest within about 30 minutes and continued to feed and nurture the three babies.  I was so very happy to see her there!  What a wonderful mother she has been.

Then, just now--like, literally while I was typing the opening of this blog post--Justin called upstairs to tell me the babies had left the nest.  One baby quickly skipped across the yard and into our neighbors' bushes.  Another baby sat chirping in the shade of our front stoop.  And the third baby, Miracle (because I'm certain it was the same baby was before-wink) was panting in the grass, unable to stand.  Justin scooped her up and placed her back into the nest.  Sure enough, Mommy Robin has already returned and is still tending to her.  It is so sweet ... as I'm writing this very line, I can hear them chirping outside.  I hate that they chose today, the sweltering 103 degree day, to fly the nest ... but I suppose that's mother nature.  I will just have to keep faith that God will take care of these three precious babies that I have grown to love over the last two weeks.

Incredibly enough, I snapped several photographs of Hugo, Victoria, and Miracle about 20 minutes before they left their little nest ... and one of Hugo chirping on our front stoop ... so, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.  I know I will never take the simple pleasant chirping of a robin for granted again, instead I will think back fondly on the summer I was blessed to witness the birth of these beautiful tiny creatures.

Can't you just imagine little Hugo standing there on the stoop carrying a lunch box?
... just a silly little thought that came to mind ...

Farewell to our treasured feathered friends ... come back and sing to us now and then.


Mom said...

You have become a great photographer...these pics are really good...

Tasha said...

Hi Jen,
I found your blog through CAST. WOW! Your pictures are amazing!!! I am a lover of God's gifts/nature and these pictures show that love He gave us.
Jacko-Taco is precious!!! Look forward to visiting your blog again!