Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Weekend

To celebrate Justin's 30th birthday (albeit really early), we traveled last weekend to Winston-Salem, NC to visit my our dear friend, Megan.  I just thought it would be a nice treat for Justin to have a weekend away from parenting, work, and the familiar.  So ... Jackson had a busy three days with his Ne-Ne and Paw-Paw, and we loaded up the Scion for our travels to North Carolina.

Actual Time: 4:47 pm:  day one

I had to include this beloved photograph in honor of our Megsie.  She has become accustomed to her car clock (and watch--yes, watch) being 50 minutes slow.  Therefore, she's afraid that resetting them correctly will throw her off schedule.  We got a kick out of this!  And ... after a few days, we started running on Megan-time as well.
Love you, girl!

Why Krispy Kreme?  My husband and his sweet tooth discovered that Winston-Salem is the birthplace of the Krsipy Kreme doughnut.  So, naturally, we had to pay a visit.

And hear about it everytime we traveled anywhere near the street where it was located.

But, Krispy Kreme wasn't the only outing on our agenda ... oh no!  Megan treated us to a wonderful lunch at an old tavern in a colonial Moravian village--just my style!

And we also enjoyed wine tasting and touring at a local vineyard.

And after a classy bottle of Riesling, we decided to kick back at a local dive--real Southern style--for some good old fashioned North Carolina BBQ.

Talk about some good eatin'!

On Saturday night, Megan took us downtown for some throwback Charlottesville-style pizza at Mellow Mushroom and to her favorite bars.  It was great!

Nothing quite like good friends and a good time for your birthday ...

But, wait!

It wouldn't be a Justin-esque holiday without ...


Complete with all 30 candles ...

Happy (early) Birthday, Jus!

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