Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Better Late

I suppose it's better late than never to share how we spent our Fourth of July around here.  Unfortunately, Justin had to work again on this holiday, so Mom and I took Jackson to see his first fireworks (well, the first ones he paid any attention to anyways).

Before the firework display, we traveled to West Virginia (really...it's only 20 minutes away) to eat dinner at our beloved Logan's Roadhouse (oh, how we miss Roanoke).  As you can see, Jax was super-duper excited about the holiday photo taking.

But at least--in this quality mother-son photograph--you are given a lovely display of his holiday garb.  Always a silver lining.

Once we gave up on the picture taking, we headed to dinner ... then home to watch the fireworks display for the first time in our new hometown.  I'll have to say ... it was pretty nice.  Ever since Roanoke's fireworks stopped being let off from wonderful old Victory Stadium, nowhere has ever really compared.  

I'd give ours a solid "B-" ... not too shabby.

Some great things about these festivities were the food vendors, the games, and the live music.  The three of us had a splendid time just milling around before the fireworks began at "dusk"--a.k.a. 9:50pm (when Jax was fading fast!)

I'll give you one guess who the "monster bag" of cotton candy was for ...
Dead Wrong.

Finally, the magic began ...
Lighting the night sky with a beautiful extravaganza of color ...
Literally, like nothing Jax had ever seen ...



Pop.  Fizzle.


Little Taco fell asleep during the whole ordeal ... but I'll bet his dreams were amazing that night.  Don't you think?  After all, you know what they say about what you fall asleep watching ...

Maybe it is better late ...
I think the Fourth of July is something beautiful to relive.

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