Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Speak Now

Taylor Swift says "Speak Now," and that's exactly what I need to do.  It isn't very often that I find myself moved enough to write a review on my blog.  Mostly, I use this little piece of cyberspace to share the struggles and joys of family life, but this entry just needs to be done.  I recently purchased Taylor's newest album, rightly entitled Speak Now, and it is the most brilliant album I have ever listened to.  The 20-year old recording artist wrote all 14 songs herself, most without co-writers, and that is where the true beauty of it lies.  Listening to the tracks on this album is like receiving a tiny glimpse into the personal life of Taylor and celebrities in general. She takes fans deep into her innermost thoughts and feelings.  She says outright in the disc insert that the album is really a series of letters to specific people telling them what she meant to say to their faces.  Taylor is taking the opportunity to "Speak Now."

What makes the listening experience so extraordinary is that you often know who she is speaking to.  In track #3, Back To December, she is apologizing to Taylor Lautner (yes, Jacob from Twilight).  Her eloquent lyrics tell us about how he brought her roses and she let them die on purpose and how she didn't call him on his birthday.  They also tell fans that she has now realized that she is in love with him and wants him back in her life.  Who knew you could get such intimate celebrity information without the paparazzi?  In track #5, Dear John, she sheds light on John Mayer's revolving door of relationships.  We learn that John is afriad of committment (although he already told us that in Half of My Heart), that he makes himself out the be the victim when relationships go sour, that he plays mind games with girls, and that he is moody and unpredictable.  We are also left speculating about a particular date night that Taylor wore a dress and John did something that made her cry all the way's mind boggling.  In track #8, Never Grow Up, she makes herself so humble and vulnerable by admitting that even when a person has emmense success, life is still difficult.  She admits to wishing she could be a child again with no worries and a parent sleeping down the hallway in the next room.  In track #10, Better Than Revenge, Taylor lashes out at the girl who stole Joe Jonas, her first love, away from her.  This song is blunt, harsh, and fun to listen to.  It also lends itself to creating a parody about useless real estate agents: "He's not a saint, and he's not what you think, he's a liar...whoa...but he's so busy finding everything but a buyer...whoa"  Yet, I digress.  In track #11, Innocent, Taylor responds to Kanye West.  She chooses to take the higher road when she tells the world that she has forgiven him for his rude interruption during the 2009 VMA Awards.  After his most recent disgusting public comment about Taylor, however, I am looking forward to a very different song about Kanye West on her next album.  Some people never learn.  As for the songs that aren't so obvious, fans are left in utter wonderment.  Who is she dating now?  What happened that the mean man who used to tell her she couldn't sing?  Is Last Kiss also about Taylor Lautner?  Will he forgive her, and will they get back together?

Listing to this album is living vicariously through Taylor.  It is a glimpse into the dating life of a recording artist.  It's a chance to understand what it might feel like to fall in love with Taylor Lautner or be hurt by John Mayer.  It is the ultimate celebrity experience.  Now . . . I am left with an unrequited desire for Taylor Swift to date Rupert Grint so I can see what he is really like as a boyfriend.  Is he as funny in person as he is in interviews?  Can he carry on a great conversation or is he too shy?  Is he as hott in person as he is in movies?  Again, I digress.

And for those of you who currently own, or purchase, this album (thanks to my poignant review) but haven't already figured this about.  Taylor does something else amazing for us crazy starstruck fans.  She writes us clues and messages to decoding her never-sent letters.  within the lyrics written inside the cd insert, she uses rAndoM capitAliZation of letters to spell out messages to those people she Is siNginG to or About.  sometimes she even specificaLly gives names and places.  point Blank.  taylor swift is an Unbelievable Musician and entertainer.  You should buy it.

She said "Speak Now."

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