Friday, November 19, 2010

Maggie the Menace

You might recall this FACE
from last year's post during the holiday season.

Well, she's a bit early this year . . .
But she's back in business . . .
Maggie the Menace
Please note that this is Nightime Formula Baby Orajel

Somehow, it is no mystery to me that she devoured last season's Belgian chocolates and Reses Bells entirely, wrappers included . . . but left this years bedside table mischief only tampered with.

Oh, how I wish I had a camera rolling when she realized her mouth was numb.

And . . .
because the Bard never disappoints:

'Twas a month before Christmas
And all through our house
Miss Maggie was searching
For anything left out
No chocolates were purchased
No eggnog in the fridge
"What's that on the table?"
"I'll just taste a smidge!"
I can only imagine
She knocked it with her paw
Down onto the carpet
Then started to knawl
The plastic tube was much thicker
Than those wrappers had been
But that didn't stop Maggie
She just had to dig in
"That Baby gets this stuff"
Maggie snarled as she chewed
"Now it is my turn
Who cares if it's rude?"
Pop! went the tube
And the Orajel seeped out
But soon Maggie realized
That she couldn't feel her mouth.

Do you feel sorry for this me?

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