Sunday, November 14, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home

This weekend we took another trip to my Mommy's favorite place on the planet, Roanoke, Virginia, to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with our family.  Well, actually, Mommy and Daddy took me to see Beth Simmons for my 6-month milestone photo shoot (and to get family pictures made for our Christmas card this year).  Beth was the amazing photographer who did my newborn session that you readers probably saw on my birth announcement.  Isn't her work spectacular?, Mommy, Daddy, GranGran, and PawPaw arrived at Granny Tori's house on Friday around lunch time.  Daddy wanted to take a nap after our lunch a Famous Anthony's, so Mommy and GranGran took me to Valley View Mall for some Roanoke-style Christmas shopping.  I thought it was great--especially since everything Mommy bought was for meee.

Somehow, I always make out big time on shopping trips with these two ladies.
Yes . . . if you're wondering . . . I'm wearing a giraffe outfit.  Because I can.

That evening we met Granny Tori and Aunt Marney for dinner at O'Charlie's.  The new restaurant, Chedders, had a really long wait so we saved it for Sunday brunch instead.  Aunt Marney bought me a half-birthday present.  What can I say?  The ladies like me.  I think it's my hair.

Granny Tori also had some half-birthday goodies for me at her house.  Lots of jammies...and this awesome portable highchair (note to any pregnant readers: this is THE WAY to go).
Functional and oh so much fun!

On Saturday morning, we went to see Beth for my photo session.  Here is a sneak preview.
Who am I kidding?  It's not my hair.  I'm a rockstar with impeccable style and charisma.  I'm basically the best and most handsome baby in the universe.  I'm also very modest.

Saturday night, the whole family celebrated an early Thanksgiving at The Homeplace.
And besides the projected 45-minute wait that turned into an hour and a half, it was an awesome night.  We have a lot to be thankful for this year...although Mommy is very much looking forward to a new year in 2011.  *grin*

I didn't mind the wait!

When we got our food, GranGran thought it would we funny to give me a chicken leg.

But, I think I'll stick to my milky.

As a collective group, we definitely weighed more going than we did coming...even me.

A full belly sure makes a baby (and Daddy) sleepy.
So does a glorious nighttime ride down Mommy's beloved Catawba mountain.
Country roads take me home...


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