Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare

Last night Justin and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by going out to dinner at Texas de Brazil.
I had a fabulous time.  But...I don't think my experience came anywhere close to my husband's.  This restaurant is truly a manly man's place.  I would consider it a vegetarian's worst nightmare.
Texas de Brazil is known for its meat.  All. You. Can. Eat. Meat.  Freshly carved.  Medium rare. (I do, however, happen to like it that way).
They also have a beautiful salad and cheese bar.
We had a wonderful night out together celebrating our big day . . .
But my favorite part of dinner was the drinks!  I had this fabulous Brazilian strawberry+sugar+rum cocktail ... Justin on the other hand tried Grand Mariner--straight.  Problem was...your eyes were on fire before it even touched your lips.  He muscled through though.  The volume looks tiny, but trust was plenty.
Thanks to baby Jax, it had been awhile for we had fun laughing and "walking it off" in the mall afterwards.  Then, we headed to Barnes and Noble to buy a cover for my anniversary gift...the Nook!  I'm sooooo excited.  And my sweetheart had even prepared my Nook to have a wallpaper of "my love" . . . Rupert Grint.   ;)
It was a wonderful night!
  Happy Anniversary!

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