Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Savior Salutation

I'm starting a new blogging tradition.  Many of my fellow friends and bloggers have repetitive entries, and I have occasionally joined in the fun...but now is the time for me to venture out and create my own.  I cannot take 100% of the credit, however, because I'll be getting my material from a book.  Today I was at a used bookstore with my mom and Jackson, and I happened upon a book called "Children's Letters to God."  It is essentially a compilation of actual handwritten letters that little ones have written to our Heavenly Father.  Well, I started reading them in the store, and I was hooked.  They are heartwarming, and innocent...and, downright hilarious!  It was a well spent $0.75, and I am going to be sharing it with you readers each Sunday from here on out (remind me if I slip, but I'll do my best!).  I will do my best to use the kids' actual spelling and grammar so you get the full experience of reading the letters.  What shall we call these posts?  How about: Sunday Savior Salutation.  Eurika!  I like it! 

Without further hesitation, I give you one of my favorites:

Dear God--
Please put a-nother Holiday between Christmas and Easter.
There is nothing good in there now.

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