Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alien Forces

My body has been overtaken by an alien force. I am no longer in control whatsoever. This is NOT a pleasant feeling to have. Can anyone out there tell I'm frustrated to still be pregnant?!? At nearly 38 weeks, I am asking myself daily "Can I take this anymore?"
The worst part of all is my aching lower back and hips. They always get worse overnight, and at 4am this morning I had a mini breakdown. Then, when I wake up in the AM, they ache for hours, and nothing seems to provide any relief.
Then there's the constant wondering when I'll actually go into labor. I've had several stints of regular contractions that last for a few hours, but they never get closer together or more intense. Then, to my dismay, they just fade away. Believe it or not, I actually WANT to go into labor and get this baby out! It is high time for his eviction!
Call me a control freak (you might be right, too), but this is really hard for me. I have absolutely no control over when this baby will be born, yet I am carrying him around inside of me. It's like an in-body, out-of-body experience. Because I can feel Jackson swimming around in my belly (and all the aches and pains that go with), logic tells me that I should have SOME control over when he arrives. However, medical science says "Nope! You just have to wait (i.e. suffer)." Say a prayer for me--I am going crazy waiting on this child to be born!

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Mike & Crystal said...

I have to say it's not medical science making you wait, it's God =), In his perfect timing, just like pregnancy, baby Heath will make his entrance into the world. Don't rush it =)