Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Mick and Liz

Meet Mick and Liz ^ They are two wonderful friends of ours from Hartlepool England. We met them by chance last summer on a cruise vacation in Europe and have kept in touch since. Boy did we have some good times aboard that ship--from hilarious dinners (with Mick and Justin misbehaving), to poolside chats, to introducing them to fatty American burgers at Jonny Rockts, to countless late night in the pub where they introduced us to Newcastle Brown Ale.
Here is Liz and I waiting to enter the grande dining room.

Here is Mick and Justin just outside the pub.

And--here is Jackson wearing one of the adorable outfits they sent him. I know it's silly, but we think it's so neat for baby Jax to have clothes all the way from England! Thanks Mick and Liz--you are so thoughtful to send us a gift. Please always keep in touch! xoxo
Jen, Jus, & Jackson

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