Monday, February 16, 2009

God's Been Good To Me

I am reminded of this song: "God's been good to me, oh, God's always been good!" Okay--so I am thrilled! First of all, on bended knee I want to praise God for the results of Justin's repeat CT scan from this summer. We got word two days ago that his lymph nodes have returned to normal size, and there is little to no concern. This was certainly God's #1 blessing. Also, Justin got a promotion at work--one that he worked very hard for--I am so proud of him! He will be taking on more responsibility which will really prepare him to move up in the future. I know he is very excited!
And....drumroll please.... I GOT A NEW JOB!!!
So here's the scoop. I finally got fed up enough with my nursing job in Oncology that I started seeking new employment. This Friday I interviewed at Crestwood Pediatric, and about 3 hours after I left the office...I got a job offer, which I gratefully accepted. I was giddy excited the whole day...and I'm still counting down the days until I start working there. It is an adorable pediatrician's office about 6 miles from our new home... meaning only a 10 minute commute. MUCH better than my now 50 minute commute! Also, the work environment seems to be heavenly in comparison to where I am currently working. I put in my two week's notice on Valentine's Day, and my last day at my current job with be February 26th!
What's that mean? NO MORE SPECTRALINK PHONE! NO MORE RIDICULOUS PATIENT LOAD! NO MORE BEING A NUMBER! NO MORE ENTERING DOCTORS ORDERS! NO MORE CHART CHECKING! NO MORE GIVING BLOOD! NO MORE 2-HOURS WASTED IN THE CAR! NO MORE GOSSIP! NO MORE WAITING TO SEE WHAT WAS DEDUCTED OUT OF MY PAYCHECK! NO MORE 3 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET CUT CRAP! Can you tell I was a little unhappy? haha :) Most of you readers probably already knew this. Anyways, I'll keep you posted on the new place...but, let's face it, it can only go UP from here!

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