Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life is Good

(A Griff- what "Maggie Mae" will look like)
(the real "Maggie Mae" at her home now)

As stated in the title, life is good. First and foremost, I finally sat for the NCLEX-RN (the national board exam for registered nursing) last Thursday. It was quite challenging but my computer DID cut off at 75 questions which I was very happy about. Then, the weekend rolled around and I hadn't seen my license come up online-- so I got worried and impatient and called the VA Board on Monday morning. And-- I PASSED!!! I was never so relieved to hear the line "congratulations, you have a license!" It finally felt official-- I was a REAL LIVE nurse. It was time to celebrate and to back away that NCLEX prep book and CD-ROM for good. It even felt so good to return a box of unsued "drug cards" to Barnes and Noble the next day. Ahh, the simple pleasures in life. Thank you to everyone out there who prayed for me last Thursday-- God is good.
In addition to that, Justin and I recently (about two weeks ago) decided that we would like to get a puppy to start our family. We looked around for awile and even drove down to Luray, VA to look at a litter of Puggles (put + beagle). Although the two little pups left were very sweet, we drove home and decided that we really didn't have the means to train a puppy right now due to our schedules. Therefore, we talked it over with some other dog owners who recommended us think about getting a young adult dog that would be more able to stay alone when we were both working. Therefore, we turned to our VERY favorite breed-- the Brussels Griffon (the little dog in the movie As Good As It Gets). We found a breeder in VA who was selling two adult (2.5yrs) Griffs who were much more suitable for our young family. So... we decided to get "Maggie Mae" (her name may change) a female Griff from them. We are going to pick her up when we return from our honeymoon in about 4 weeks. I am so excited because these dogs sound like little people in everything I read about them-- and they are adorable! Keep us in your prayers as this is a BIG undertaking for us.

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