Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God's Promises

Our God is faithful to his promises-- just like his breathtaking promise depicted in the rainbow. What I'm talking about is that Justin and I believe we have found a home church. When we last spoke, we had tried two churches already with no luck, but after one more "strike" we landed at Grace Fellowship Presbyterian. Our dear friend Patrick, whose wedding pictures you saw previously, suggested that we try a PCA as a "good medium" between Justin's Catholic background and my Baptist upbringing. Not only was this church an excellent medium, it was also an answer to our prayers for a church family. The members were incredibly welcoming, the senior pastor was well spoken (and even noticed us as newcomers), and God even placed us next to another young couple. This young couple got marriend right out of college, she was an RN, and they had searched for a church as well and found Grace Fellowship. We had such genuine conversation with these people and even mentioned the idea of grabbing dinner together at the infamous Wegmans since they live very close to us. It was just so wonderful to have this prayer answered! Now, I am continuing to pray with expectency that God will hear about my passing the nursing board exam-- the NCLEX-RN. Keep me in your prayers as well!

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