Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Roanoke Christmas 2014

Gradually, I have been doing a few soft edits on the photographs I took of our 2014 Christmas holiday.  While I'm still working to edit a few images from our family's Christmas Eve dinner {which I will post with our Christmas morning photos}, I thought it was safe to go ahead and share some of the fun we had while celebrating our "Roanoke Christmas" the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas with Justin's family.

Every year, one of the events I most look forward to at Christmastime is traveling to my beloved Roanoke, Virginia to celebrate.  I think it's just because I so VERY much love the people and places in Roanoke  And, at Christmas, who doesn't want to be reminded of her childhood and things familiar?  We are also incredibly blessed to celebrate the way we do!  Justin's mom, Victoria, is a fantastic cook and great host.  Every year, she prepares a meal for Justin and his sister, Marney ... for their families ... AND for my parents.  So, Justin and I never have to choose where to celebrate the major holidays {we do this at Thanksgiving as well}.  Instead, both of our parents and siblings are together.  Even more importantly, Jackson and Oliver spend all the major holidays with their entire family ~ it really is so special to us.  It's something for which I am continually thankful.

In 2014, we were also privileged to have a meal with my mom's family for Christmas the weekend prior.  This is something we haven't done in many, many years.  We ate my favorite food ~ Mexican! ~ and had a few hours to visit and just love on each other.  How I have missed them!  I sincerely hope this will become a new tradition for all of us.  I didn't bring my "big camera" to this dinner {because I simply wanted to focus on seeing my family}, but I have shared a few iPhone photos of this occasion on Facebook.

*   *   *

On Monday evening, it was time to begin our "Roanoke Christmas" festivities.  Always the host, Victoria arranged everything ... I mean everything ... in the kitchen.  As you can see, she still made time for laughter!

The men mostly watched t.v. and entertained the kiddos.

And ... since I was forever behind the lens ... I took this splendid opportunity to snap a reflection photo of myself in the bathroom mirror:  proof that I was, in fact, actually there.  I also really wanted to show off my British soldier sweater that I'm kind of obsessing over.

Big cousin, Logan, was very busy.  I'm not confident he loved his job ~ but these images sure disguise any annoyance.  He did an awesome job of entertaining my littles while we waited to open gifts.

Soon, it was time to eat and play Santa.  Once the gifts started being opened, it was time for me to shelf my camera and dig in.  Sorry for the lack of gift-opening pictures.

No, it was not snowing indoors.  This image was quite blurry ... but super fun ... so, I added an artistic overlay to bring out the magic!

Merry Roanoke Christmas, everyone!

Did you travel to celebrate with family this Christmas?  Where did you go?  What are your most memorable and favorite family traditions? 

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