Friday, March 15, 2013

The Circus

On Monday night, Justin and I took the boys to a tiny Circus.  We had three coupons ... so our entire family went for $15.  Even at THAT price, we were skeptical at first.  When we walked into the Sportsplex to find that the entire Circus occupied only half an ice rink ... we were a bit concerned.  However, we had already told Jackson and Oliver that they were going to see the Circus, so we stayed.

I'm soooo glad we did!!!

We have been to three Circuses over the last few years ... and this one was, hands down, the BEST!  I would have never thought that this tiny traveling show would have topped Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey ... but it did.

It was small, but high quality.  Every act they did, they did well.  Also, we got to sit close enough to see everything ... even the performers faces.  It was just the perfect little Circus for kids!

And ... when asked:

"What was your favorite act?"

We couldn't beat Jackson's response:

"When the camel went peepee potty!"

Leave it to a two-year-old to love that part!

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