Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oliver Is Ten Months Old!

Oliver is TEN MONTHS OLD!!! (eek ... double digits)

22 pounds, 10 ounces (65%)
31 inches (> 95%)
17.5 inch head circumference (25%)

(quality photograph with Oliver looking at the camera and smiling = impossible)

At ten months, Oliver:

is enormously long and has difficulty fitting into clothes ... requires 18-24mo. due to length
wears size 4 Huggies
eats every meal like it's his last (5 bottles, three baby foods, AND a bowl of cereal with prunes, AND Gerber snacks, AND any table food he is allowed)
still doesn't have signs of a first tooth
loves Wookie
can crawl, but prefers to "freestyle" maneuver ... a combo of crawling, scooting, and rolling to move as fast as possible across the room ... and he's fast
can, unfortunately, climb up the stairs
is pulling to standing and cruising on furniture
waves "hello" and "bye bye"
mimics Mommy saying "ehh, ehh" (no!) to him ... which makes me laugh
has a silly habit of putting one finger in his mouth after each bite of food ... which is also a very messy habit
perpetually looks like "Pigpen" from Charlie Brown (I swear I bathe him!)
arches his back and stiffens up at approximately 4 ft. away from his carseat in anticipation
continues to have an odd fascination with electrical cords and hang upside-down
enjoys playing with (and occasionally eating) dog kibble 
had his first haircut this month
earned his first certificate (for swimming lessons) this month
says "MaMa," DaDa," "NeNe," "Hi," and "Ehh, Ehh!"
had already learned to scream "NeNe" (grandma) when he doesn't want to obey Mommy
fusses incessantly IMMEDIATELY upon the arrival of food at the dinner table
is a carb-o-holic ... and can (seriously) gum down 2-3 dinner rolls at a sitting
requires near constant stimulation to keep him content
thoroughly lives up to his "Billy Goat" nickname
is best described as "scrappy"

... and, as you can probably tell from the above list, keeps EVERYONE on their toes 24/7 ...

... yet fits perfectly into our family!

Happy Ten Months, Baby Boy!

Check out Mommy's ill-fated attempts at catching a snapshot of "Billy Goat" ... ahem

"Your camera ... MY CAMERA!!!"

"Oh ... you wanted to measure me with this tape measure???"

"Let's see how long I can ignore you ..."

"Check out the tongue, Ma!"

I'm telling you ... scrappy!


But ... seeing that the attention was on Oliver, I did get a "Hey Mommy, take a pitsher!" from someone else I know.

Forever the charmer.

Goodnight ... I'm exhausted!

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NeNe said...

Love this cute...and true and funny...ha...Love those two boys soooo much...Love ya