Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oliver Is Eight Months Old!


20 pounds, 10 ounces (65%)
29.75 inches long (95%)
17.5 inch head circumference (30%)

At eight months, Oliver:

eats 6 oz of formula, 5 times a day "on demand"
enjoys "eating" baby food at each of our mealtimes ... as well as cereal with prunes before bed
still naps in his swing (30 mins in the early morning and 2 hours in the afternoon)
is beginning to sleep through the night completely again
has learned to arch his back and cry when being buckled into his carseat (like someone else I know)
hates getting dressed
has an odd obsession with hanging upside down
wears size 12-18 months clothes and size 3 Huggies diapers
takes his socks off and chews them until they are soaked whenever he has the chance
adores his "chewy banana" from Santa Claus
just celebrated his first Christmas and New Years
hugs your neck when you pick him up
loves to cuddle
drools so much that he MUST always wear a bib
had his first cold, ear infection, and antibiotics this month ... like a trooper
insists on rolling around the room (no lie ... this baby will roll 8-10 times consecutively to move completely across a room)
hasn't started crawling yet (see above ... haha)
mumbles, shreaks, and squeals
is growing out his Justin Bieber hair
puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and has to be CONSTANTLY supervised
has an affinity for electrical cords (yikes!)
is into EVERYTHING ... and is going to be Mommy's "trouble maker"
is a total "mover and shaker"
gets easily frightened by loud noises ... and cries
only cries over loud noises ... and is otherwise the most content, laid-back fella in the world
is generally referred to simply as "brother"

... and fits perfectly into our family!

Happy Eight Months, baby boy!

Look how LONG he is ...


When Mommy was getting ready for this blog post, Oliver was busy:

blowing bubbles

eating his fist

rolling around (naturally)

and around

and around

hiding his face

eating his rug

and grabbing my camera

... basically doing everything except looking at me ...
(why is it that my own children are the most difficult to photograph?)

ahh ... there it is!

I love you my silly monkey!

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