Friday, January 4, 2013

Cast-Off Day #7

Well, this time it's the real deal ... another "Cast-Off" Day for Jackson Scott.

I'm telling you, I'm beginning to lose count ... but this was the removal of  Mehta cast #7, and next week we will travel to South Carolina for the application of Mehta cast #8.

As you can see from the photograph, Jackson had his first major meltdown during this cast removal.  We have been warned by many of the Shriner's nurses about this ... that often, as Progressive Infantile Scoliosis children grow older, they actually become more fearful of the process because they begin to understand what is going on and what it means for them.  That is so sad, and we are hoping that this was just a fluke during the removal and that Jackson will be his happy self again when we arrive at Shriner's Hospital for Children in South Carolina next week.

It should be mentioned that as we were walking into the Winchester Medical Center this morning, Jackson, realizing where we were, candidly asked:  "Brother do it?"  Already trying to pass the buck!

In minutes, cast #7 was off ... and the tears quickly stopped.

Jackson's skin looks really great this time.  The sore that was previously there had healed completely and there are no new areas of concern ... just A LOT of itchy, dry skin (look at those flakes) ... and one skinny boy!

Jackson's pre-op appointment for his next serial casting will be Wednesday, January 9th and his next casting procedure will be Thursday, January 10th.  Now, calling all my "prayer warriors" to pray specifically for:

1.  health for the entire family as we approach casting
2.  safe travels to SC
3.  an early casting procedure time slot
4.  safe anesthesia
5.  safe and effective application of cast #8
6.  that we are continuing to get excellent correction of Jackson's spinal curvature so that he can move into a plastic brace
7.  a good "fit" and great tolerance of cast #8 for Jackson

Thank you!

And, as always ... our progress:

Jackson at diagnosis (September 2010)

Prior to Mehta Cast #1  (September 2011)

Prior to Mehta Cast #2 (November 2011)

Prior to Mehta Cast #3 (January 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #4 (March 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #5 (June 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #6 (August 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #7 (October 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #8 (January 2013 ... today)

I am also including the photograph below from today.  Although Jackson is holding his shoulders crooked, you can see that beautiful straight(ening) spine!

Stay tuned for our casting adventures next week.

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