Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Wiggles

"Fruit Salad ... Yummy, Yummy!"

Ring a bell?

We hope so ... it's from our friends, The Wiggles!

On Tuesday night, Jackson attended his very first concert ... "The Wiggles Live - Farewell Tour" in Washington, DC with Justin and I.  Before becoming and parent -- heck, even after becoming a parent but before Jackson started loving The Wiggles -- I never dreamed I would admit to this ... but we ALL had a extraordinary time together.  First, it was nice to spend a few hours alone with Jax.  There was no sibling competition ... less to carry ... and quality time to focus only on him again.  Also, we left in plenty of time to drive into the city, got there really early, and had unexpected time to explore the National Mall before our show.

Jackson was so surprised when he woke up from his afternoon nap (in the car) in Washington DC.  Wonder what that must be like for a little child?  Ha!  He couldn't believe all the tall buildings, "race cars," lights, and museum artifacts.  We heard a lot of:  "Oooo .... wows!"

Since Justin had never had the opportunity to see the early American flag ... we spent our extra hour in the Museum of American History.  It was surprisingly uncrowded, so we were able to really enjoy the exhibits.  Also, we spent some quality time just walking around the city and allowing Jackson to "take it all in."  For me, it was a time of fond reminiscence about my few years as a "DC-an" myself.  How crazy it is to think that Justin and I used to jog along the Potomac River, looking out over the many beautiful monuments only a few short years ago.  Wow, how times have changed!

Would you believe that Jackson even cooperated for pictures?
(wonder if it was because "brother" wasn't with us?)

*     *     *

An hour or so before The Wiggles show began, we discovered this unique burger joint and decided to check it out for dinner.  Also, it made me feel like we were including Oliver in our evening in a small commemorative way.

This photograph of "the smile" makes me literally laugh out loud.  I'll have to say ... I hope this phase ends before we take any school pictures!  :)

Soon, we were off to The Warner Theatre for our show!

Built during the "roaring twenties," the theatre was exquisitely ornate and timelessly beautiful!

We made our way to the nosebleed section ... but not for long!  Because the show wasn't sold out, the Warner Theatre offered upgraded seats ... to the VIP balcony ... for only $10/person.  We took advantage of their wonderful offer, and ended up with great seats before the show began.

Then, suddenly ...

"Beep, Beep, Chugga, Chugga ... BIG RED CAR!"

I cannot describe Jackson's reaction to seeing The Wiggles in person ... other than to say that it made me cry!  What a special evening with my boy!

We said "hello" to the new Wiggles ... Emma, Lachy, and Simon (in 2013).

And "farewell" to three of the original Wiggles ... Jeff, Murray, and Greg ... who are retiring after this final tour with The Wiggles.

It was a little bittersweet to watch these guys take their final bows.  However, we had a fantastic time watching them dance, sing, and make us all laugh!

*     *     *

But, the fun wasn't over yet!  After the show, we went to Barnes and Noble to change Jackson's diaper before getting back on the road.  Then, we retrieved our van from the parking garage.  All along, The Wiggles' tour buses were parked where we could see them.  However, as we were leaving the parking garage, Justin spotted camera flashes.  Although I was initially apprehensive (because I didn't want to bother the guys ... and because Greg Wiggle had the stomach flu and I'm a bit germ-a-phobic) ... Justin declared that "you only live once" and pulled the van over.  We jumped out of the van, ran down to the tour buses, and ...

Jackson met The Wiggles!

It was so cute because Jax didn't recognize them in their street clothes.  However, the moment Murray Wiggle began talking to him ... you should have seen Jackson's face light up.  He knew exactly who he was talking to!

Look at that face!!!  Here is Jackson with Anthony Wiggle (blue) and Murray Wiggle (red).

And, because he's a regular groupie ... Jackson also stopped for a photo with Lachy ... the future purple Wiggle in 2013.

Looking at Jackson's expression in the photos, I seriously cannot believe how "star struck" he is at only 2 years old.  It was truly a priceless evening!

It was Wiggle-rific!


NeNe said...

Loved this blog....He is of a kind you all...

Anthony Field said...

Jeff,Greg,Murray and I reunited twice for a reunion tour.

The money made from those shows have gone to our mates at Soldier On