Friday, October 19, 2012

Bye Bye Bob Cast

Wowzers!  Six Mehta casts down ... honestly, I never really thought we'd be here.  That's what I get for "assuming" anything, right?  The truth is, when Jackson began his treatment for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis, I estimated that based on his original curve measurement, his physical build, and all the accounts from other PIS children that I had researched ... he would wear 5-6 casts.  

Well, yesterday Mehta cast #6 was removed, and we will travel back to our new doctor at Shriner's in Greenville, South Carolina for cast #7 next week.  And, (gasp) cast #8 has already been scheduled.  The first time we visited our new orthopaedic surgeon, he said that he would x-ray Jackson's spine again after 4-6 more casts (beginning that count with cast #6).  To me, a minimum of 10 casts seems like A LOT of serial plaster casting for a "flexible" curve beginning around 50 degrees and responding well to treatment, so I'm not convinced that I'm going to wait that long before requesting another x-ray.  However, I do know that we have at least a couple more casts to go.

Am I happy about that?
Well, no.

What keeps me going?
Hearing my brave toddler tell me he loves his cast and is excited about getting another one next week.

Farewell, cast #6 ... fondly known as "Bob cast."

For the purpose of perspective ... you are looking down into Jackson's cast from the top in the photograph below.  Look at how TINY his waist hole is next to my outstretched hand!

Which explains why he's my skinny-mini (and itchy) fella out of his cast!  Think:  Titanic-era corset wearer.

Lastly, I am thrilled to report that for this first time since beginning Jackson's Mehta casting journey ... I didn't have that "heart sinking" feeling when his cast was removed.  Now, I realize that he is not yet finished with casting; however, I think his spine looks straighter than ever before ... and I haven't felt the compulsive need to stare at it or to run my fingers down it over and over again.

Check out this healing process:

Early Onset Scoliosis:  (September 2010)

Prior to Mehta Cast #1:  (September 2011)

Prior to Mehta Cast #2:  (November 2011)

Prior to Mehta Cast #3:  (January 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #4:  (March 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #5:  (June 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #6:  (August 2012)

Prior to Mehta Cast #7:  (October 2012)

And ... I have to share one more image with you ... because you can almost see the entire spine ... and it looks B.E.A.utiful!

Your continued prayers for safe travel and treatment are greatly appreciated!

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