Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prayers for Jackson

If you've stopped by the blog today, please take a moment to lift Jackson up in prayer.  We go for Jackson's second Mehta cast procedure tomorrow morning.  Currently, it is scheduled for 7:30 am.  He will hopefully have an X-ray taken prior to the cast placement to determine what correction his spine got from cast #1.  Please pray for good, resolving numbers (going down).  Also, most of all, please pray for safe anesthesia and for a good tolerance of his second cast.  Thank you so much!

More updates to come as we are able.

And ... now, for a little wow-factor!  At Orlando's SeaWorld, there is a female whale named "300" who has scoliosis like Jackson.  She was just fitted with a special brace to gently correct her crooked spine and guide it to grow straight without surgery.  How amazing is that?

Pray, pray, pray!


Mom said...

LIFTED.....Praying for his safety and good results from his first cast....He is so amazing...Love you...

Steve said...

You and Jackson are allways in my thoughts and prayers. Love you