Friday, December 10, 2010

Big News

I think the time has finally come to make the grand announcement.  You see, the truth is, I've been avoiding you readers.  I haven't wanted to tell you our big secret...then have it fall apart at the seams...and have to un-tell you.  I suppose there is still a small chance that could happen, but, since it's small, I guess it's safe to go ahead and spill the beans.  Have I wetted your whistle with enough anticipation yet???

We're Moving!

Yes, you read that correctly.  We're about 99% sure that we're moving for real.  Those of you who talk to me regularly certainly understand why I have waited until now to "shout out loud" our big news.  Selling our current home has been a huge UNACCEPTABLY ENORMOUS challenge.  We listed our place in August of this year with a terrible real estate agent ... and after 3.5 offers fell apart during negotiation ... we fired him (only to receive an explosively angry email about it).  We then found a wonderful new agent who had us fully ratified under contract within 13 days of taking over our home sale.  Then began the circus act of jumping through hoops...home inspection...radon tests...HOA documents...appraisals...underwriting.  That's not to mention to countless times we traveled over an hour to what will be our new hometown to look at houses (bless our agent there)...and the hoops on that end--same things--home inspection...radon tests...appraisals...underwriting.  Oh, and trust me, it has not been smooth sailing through those hoops either.  But, God is great!  After 4 months of having doors slam in our faces...he is opening windows now.  The gears are turning in a positive direction ... and today we received the wonderful news that "the show must go on!"  As long as we make it to settlement, it looks like we are on our way!  Thank you Jesus for your answered prayers and to all those friends and family members who have been praying along with us!

Why?  That's your next question, right?  There are two reasons actually.  The first reason is to reduce expenses to allow us to take our family in the direction we want and need to go.  As some of you know, Northern Virginia is an extremely expensive place to own property.  We knew that too, but a lot has changed since we originally purchased our home.  Namely, Jackson.  And ... I really want to be able to be a "stay-at-home-mommy" with him and any other children the Lord may bless our family with.  Additionally, this move will allow Justin to further his career as well as be able to be an involved Daddy.  It really is the best of both worlds in that respect.

The second reason, is because I (sorry) hate Northern Virginia.  Don't get me wrong...there are some fun things to do, and parts of it are really pretty.  It's not a "bad" place to live by any means.'s not for me.  I'm a Roanoke girl through and through...and I miss the dickens out of the true South!  That being said, I haven't found Northern Virginia to be a very easy atmosphere to make friends, a church family, get involved in my community, etc ...  There is a very distinct "culture" up here that you have to experience to understand.  A culture that places high value on things that I really don't value much at all.  And...the longer we lived here...the more I began to recognize in myself a desire to relocate to a place with a "smalltown" feel.  I want to raise our children in a town with festivals, smiling faces, Friday night highscool football games, and campfires (sure...chivalry and curteous drivers will be nice too).  I want Jackson to have a distinct image of his "hometown" like I do one day instead of just saying "I'm from NOVA" (thus lumping together everything Northeast of Culpepper to the Maryland state line).  And while I can't bring him Roanoke, I'll do the best I can.

So ... we're sacrificing a little (mostly our sanity over the last 5 months) and gaining a whole lot.  Honestly, I cannot wait!  Stay tuned for more updates and eventually, photos.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers during this time of transition!

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