Sunday, December 5, 2010

7 Months Old!

Today, Jackson Scott is 7 months old!
I seriously cannot believe that we are now well into the second half of his first year.  Last night I was watching some home videos of his first week home, and he has changed so much.  He used to be so squishy and wrinkly just swaddled sungly in a blanket, and now he's such a big boy.  We did our crude at-home estimations of Jackson's measurements this morning, and he weighs 19 pounds 8 ounces and is 27.75 inches long.

As you can see, it's getting a little more difficult to take those super-photogenic smiling photographs of this growing boy--he has a mind of his own.
Goes well with the mohawk, don't you think?  Only at this age could you sport a mohawk while wearing Peter Rabbit and still look so cool.

Jackson has had another big month.  He now wears size 6-9 months and has graduated from his baby carrier to a rear-facing stationary carseat.  Don't be fooled, though, he still hates it and protests by screaming everytime we buckle him in.  Thus, the self-named "torture chamber" lives on.  He loves to play now, too, and has become content entertaining himself for short periods of time.  He likes his activity mat and his exercise bouncer--especially the bouncer which he now goes to town making it light up and play music.  His favorite toys are My Pal Scout and his Sing-a-Ma-Jigs, Clyde and Claudette.  He just lights up when he seems them.  His GranGran also bought him a set of jingle bells at Cracker Barrell that he loves to shake.  Naturally, Jax is also really enjoying the Christmas tree and the lights on the stairway this month.  He has also really started to notice Maggie Mae.  Actually, she can become quite a distraction when he is sitting in his highchair at mealtimes.  He likes to grab her beard too, to which we are trying to teach him "gentle, gentle" when he pets her.  So far, she's been being gentle with him also.  Every night after his bath, he has a blast watching Mommy and Daddy dance and sing to the Little People CD.  His favorite song is "Little Red Wagon."  If anyone has seen this through the nursery window...please ignore how ridiculous I look!  Thank you.

Jax takes a 6 ounce bottle every 3 hours, except at 10 a.m.--when he will only take 2 ounces.  Weird, I know.  He eats three containers of baby food and a bowl of cereal each day as well.  We've tried Gerber yogurt melts and puffs, but he gags until he vomits with these--yes, literally vomits.  However, he likes french fries, refried beans, and bubble tea "table food" so far.  I think he doesn't like the texture of the Gerber foods sitting on his tongue.  The others are either mushy, or--in the case of the fries--he can control putting it in his mouth.  Apparently, that makes all the difference.

Jackson is a pro at putting himself to sleep in his own crib now.  When we made the decision to do "sleep boot camp" and kick him out of our bedroom, I thought it was going to be a fight...but he literally likes being put to bed awake and falling to sleep on his own--from day one.  We are very blessed!  He typically goes down about 9pm and sleeps until 8am.  Not too shabby, right.  But--I have to give Justin a little credit for putting a paci in his mouth at least once a night when he wakes up fussing on the baby monitor.  Overall, though, Jax has made a lot of progress with his sleeping habits this month.

Life around the Heath house is busy, busy, busy right now...but we are looking forward to Jackson's first Christmas in only a couple weeks!
Then again...with a sweet face like this around the house...we look forward to just about everything!
Happy 7-months, Big Boy!

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