Sunday, October 24, 2010

"New Castle Baby" Rides Again

When my mommy was a little girl, she had family that lived in New Castle, Virginia.  In that beautiful well kept secret place lived "New Castle Baby."  My granny says "New Castle Baby" was the most awful looking doll my mommy ever played with.  Her arms and legs were duct taped together, she was dirty, and her hair was all matted.  Mommy had lots of other nice dolls, but she still liked "New Castle Baby" the best.  Whenever Mommy visited New Castle, she would take "New Castle Baby"wherever she went because when Mommy went back to Roanoke, "New Castle Baby" had to stay in New Castle where she lived.  "New Castle Baby" went to restaurants, played in the snow, went to the creek, ran through the sprinkler, rode on the lawn mower, picked beans, and rode around on my mommy's little girl hip. 
Well . . .
this weekend . . .
"New Castle Baby" rode again.
For real.

He ate at restaurants.

Went for piggyback rides.

Played under magnificent trees (yes, I'm under there).

Went flying with GranGran.

Gazed at the changing leaves.

Got my own leaf.

Got my own branch (thanks GranGran).

Tasted my leaves.

And rode on my mommy's big girl hip.
I got to go back to Roanoke.
But I'm still a "New Castle Baby."

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