Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Memory Jar

Last January we started a family tradition {which mostly I do} of writing down the tiniest moments and memories throughout the year on little strips of paper and depositing them into a large, vintage, glass mason jar in our living room.  On New Years day, we sit down together and read through favorite glimpses of the previous year.  This year was so special.  There were tender moments like Jackson kissing my nose each time he rode to the bottom of his indoor "roller coaster."  There were funny moments like my placing my bottle of wine "rear facing" in an empty carseat after a LONG day with the kids {safety first!}.  And there was just a lot of goodness:  sweet conversations, silence during a big snowfall, cute words the kids said in funny ways.  We emptied out our big jar a few days ago, and today it stood empty waiting for its first deposit of 2015.  Well, it's getting one tonight.  Hopefully next January it will seem much more funny than it did today.


Yesterday, Oliver transitioned to his "big boy" toddler bed by default.  It was certainly NOT by Justin or my choice, but for safety reasons as he suddenly learned to climb out of his crib despite his mattress being all the way on the floor.  We celebrated with him {despite our apprehension} and took the mandatory "big boy bed" photographs.  He was pretty proud of himself.

Last night he slept fantastically in his bed.  Naturally, we had the same pep talk today at nap time, and I {mistakenly} trusted he would rest well.  About 20 minutes after nap began, Jackson announced to me: "Oliver pooped and it's everywhere."  This was only partially true.  Oliver had pooped, taken off his clothes, and {I guess?} reached into the back of his diaper and smeared poop on his legs and belly.  He was still standing inside of his bedroom, and I didn't know exactly what or why this had happened.  So, I cleaned him up, repeated my pep talk, and ventured back downstairs.  Mere child's play in a mom's day. 

Fast forward another 20 minutes and Jackson announced to me "Oliver has the white butt stuff and it's everywhere."  So, I bounded up the stairs where I found this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

:back out of the room:
:walk downstairs:
:scream again:
:retrieve cell phone:
:return to child:

I've been a mommy for 4.5 years now ~ and today took the cake.  Does anyone out there know how HARD it is to clean Desitin, Vaseline, A&D ointment, and baby powder out of EVERYTHING?!?  First clue:  most of them are intended to be moisture barriers and soap/water do NOT cut through them.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Next came some big discipline {please note that he was laughing and thought this whole action was a giant, funny game}.  Mommy did not.  Game over.

Then came a lot of this:

{those REALLY shiny feet?  that's vaseline.  covering them.  think oil spill.}

Because these precious items left for the entire rest of the day:

And someone realized that he had to be wiped clean {perhaps scrubbed is a better word} ... and then he had to HELP clean:

So then there was more of this:

I sincerely think the only thing that didn't happen during nap time today was actual napping.  Oliver didn't sleep.  I didn't relax.  No one got anything productive done at all.  Actually, I am still washing the rocking chair cushions because the ointments refused to come off the upholstery whatsoever.  I'm washing them individually - because they are huge.  I'm washing them each twice - because I have to.  

But, we have something for our memory jar!

Only a few hours after today's catastrophe, the photographs already make me laugh {though I dare never let Oliver see this!}.  Perhaps today's catastrophe with be tomorrow's belly laugh?  It's January 7th, and something tells me we are not going to have a boring 2015! 


Mamas out there:  what mess "takes to cake" in your life?  Tell me I'm not alone!  Comment below!

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