Friday, May 3, 2013

Oliver is ONE YEAR OLD!!!

Oliver is ONE YEAR OLD!!!

24 pounds, 10 ounces (75%)
31.5 inches long (93%)
18.5 inch head circumference (63%)

Happy Birthday, Billy Goat!

(his new signature pose)

At twelve months, Oliver:

can already out-eat his big brother
no longer eats baby food ... because once he tried "real" food ... there was no turning back!
wears size 18-24 month clothes
wears size 4 Huggies
pulls up, cruises, and walks with push toys
has 1/2 of a bottom tooth (and I thought Jax was a late teether!)
puts absolutely everything in his mouth ... and has made mommy's germophobic nature hit the road
adores hanging upside down
has chosen a "lovey" ... a small toy penguin with record (inside joke)
graduated to sippy cups and whole milk this month
doesn't like to be rocked to sleep
loves Mommy best
keeps everyone on their toes and cannot EVER be left alone
can climb up stairs
wants to play with entirely "non-toy" items (i.e. the toilet, electrical cords, baby gates, pots and pans)
clings to mommy's necklaces and earrings
went to his first carnival this month
"bucks" and cries immediately upon spotting his carseat
car keys = different story (loves them!)
enjoys waving and blowing kisses
constantly looks dirty
has a HUGE temper and frequently throws things when he's angry
cackles like crazy at Jackson's antics
is still fondly referred to as simply "Brother" 99% of the time
has a "Lorax" birthday party this weekend

... and fits perfectly into our family!

Happy First Birthday, Baby Boy!

(terrible picture?  ... Don't ask!)

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