Friday, November 16, 2012


Yes, it's true.

We did it again!

Although it hasn't been as long of a time coming, Justin and I were pretty excited to attend the Twilight Saga Marathon yesterday at the Alamo Drafthouse!  I hate the term, but I guess you could assume we are both twi-hards.

So, for twelve hours ... we were kid free ... worry free ... and duty free ... to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy every Twilight film back-to-back ... all leading up to the 10pm premiere of Breaking Dawn Part Two ... and the close of the epic Twilight Saga.

Again, it was bittersweet to see this wonderful fantasy-love story come to an end.

But, despite the awful CG baby Renesme ... it was all worth it!

Four thumbs up from these two crazy kids.

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