Friday, April 20, 2012


The bun is done.

Here I am.
But don't be confused ... I'm pretty darn uncomfortable.

Today I am officially "full tern" at 37 weeks pregnant with baby Oliver.  It is safe for him (and greatly desired for him) to make his big debut anytime now.

I guess now is also a good time to make the official announcement that my doctor will be inducing my labor on May 8th, 2012 should Oliver not decide to come on his own before that date (due to logistics with Jackson's 5th Mehta casting in Philly).  I certainly hope he arrives sooner, however!  At this point ... there is very little sleeping ... a lot of aches and pains ... and a great deal of anxiousness going on around the Heath household.  No ones tells you how difficult it is to lift/carry a toddler (especially one in a 3lb torso cast) around with an enormous belly!  More than anything; however, we are praying for a healthy last few weeks of pregnancy, a safe labor and delivery, and a happy, healthy baby to arrive any day now!  Please join us in our prayers!    

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Lauren said...

you look wonderful!