Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zoo Day

With our weather forcasted to be in the high 70's, yesterday made the perfect day for Jackson's first visit to the D.C. National Zoo.  So, early in the morning, we loaded everything into the car and set off for the city.  Unfortunately, everyone else with kids had the same idea.  When we arrived at the Zoo, there were no parking spaces left in the three lots.  So, after driving around determined that "I did not drive 1.5 hours for nothing!", I made my own . . .

And, I'm really glad I did!  I had my doubts, but Jax proved me so very wrong.  He absolutely LOVED the Zoo!  He would point at the animals and say "oooo" -- then he would get an enormous grin on his face and laugh and bounce in his stroller.  It was an amazing day to see the animals for the first time through his eyes.

We were hoping someone would offer to take this photo for us -- but, obviously, no cake.

I love shrew.

Jax really enjoyed playing on the frog sculpture.

He was mesmerized.

So was I.

There's no day like a Zoo Day!

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